Torpedo SwimRun - Africa's 1st
6 swims in 10º | 3km

bay to bay, backline to beach swimming

6 runs in 30º | 13km

rock hopping, bouldering, road running and beach wading

Participants will see and experience the coastline of Cape Town in a way that has never been done before. By running and swimming from Sandy Bay, previously inaccessible areas will be opened up to the athletes. Starting at Rocket Road, athletes will then make their way along iconic beaches, bays, and coves; world-famous sites like Llandudno, Oudekraal, Camps Bay and Clifton form part of the route.

Contact Torpedo
+27.83 258 3736

The Segments

Individually each segment is easy, collectively they form a formidable coastline for the Torpedo athletes to traverse.

Run 1Wreck’d Run Sandy Bay RidgeSandy Bay Beach1200m
Swim 1The Cold Nudist Sandy Bay BeachSandy Bay Rocks500m
Run 2Aimee’s ElbowSandy Bay RocksLlandudno Backline 1300m
Swim 2 The Green RoomLlandudno Backline Llandudno Beach900m
Run 3Out of TouchLlandudno BeachOudekraal4300m
Swim 3The 12 ApostlesOudekraalCosy Bay1300m
Run 4Cooked RunnerCosy BayBakoven Rocks3400m
Swim 4Take the GapBakoven BeachCamps Bay Tidal Pool300m
Run 5Not AverageCamps Bay Tidal PoolCamps Bay Beach700m
Swim 5Big WednesdayCamps Bay BeachGlen Beach400m
Run 6Kids PlayGlen BeachMaidens Cove900m
Swim 6High SpiritsMaidens CoveClifton 4 Beach400m
Torpedo SwimRun - Africa's 1st

Contact Torpedo
+27.83 258 3736