Torpedo SwimRun - Africa's 1st

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Torpedo private label package includes:

» 20% discounted Torpedo SwimRun entry (R1,900 discounted to R1,520)

» Please join the Stellenbosch Triathlon Squad for a post race lunch (venue to be confirmed)

Torpedo five-fast-facts:

Date: Sunday 19th November 2017

Route: 16km: 3km swim (6 segments) + 13km run (6 segments)

Compulsory Kit: Wetsuit (short arms and legs permitted) + Running Shoes + Whistle + Swimming Cap + Torpedo Race Bib

Optional Kit: Swimming Hand paddles + SwimRun Pull Bouy + Team Pull Rope + Goggles

Team Event: Teams of 2: teams must start and finish together and cannot be separated by more than 10m

Ready your partner!

NB – Please read T&C’s

Contact Torpedo SwimRun
+27.83 258 3736