Torpedo SwimRun - Africa's 1st

Terms and Conditions

Torpedo SwimRun Refund and Event Cancellation Policy


The nature of SwimRun involving multiple entries and exits along the coastline puts the event at risk of weather adversely affecting the planned route – these terms and conditions apply:

Refunds and Cancellation 

Torpedo incurs operational and logistical expense in advance of the event, thus placing a limit on participant refunds.

  1. Full payment is required on entry.
  2. 85% of entry fee paid will be refunded if an entry is cancelled in writing on or before the 1 August
  3. 65% of entry fee paid will be refunded if an entry is cancelled in writing on or before the 1 September
  4. After the 1 September refunds will only apply if these entries can be substituted from the Waiting List. Please note that these possible refunds will only be made after completion of the event.
  5. No refunds or waiting list substitutions after the 1st of November.

Full Team Substitutions

  1. Torpedo does not permit Teams to substitute their entries.
  2. Team entries will have to be returned to Torpedo and refunded according to the refund policy.
  3. Returned Team entries will then be made available to Teams on the waiting list.

Partner Substitutions

  1. Partner substitutions are allowed up until race registration at a cost of R200 per athlete change.

Cancellation of the Event

In the event of adverse weather that puts the athletes at risk, the organisers may decide to alter both swim and run segments of the course to a safer alternative or cancel the event entirely. This decision will not be made lightly and will only be made in the interest of participant safety. In the event of event cancellation no refunds will be possible.

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