5 team slots left in Cape Medium Batch

Feb / 2022

A trend that we have noticed over the years is that the Slow Batch sells out first. This is probably due to the fact that we have a reverse order start and athletes like to be first out and open up the course. There was also a challenge to see how long you can stay out front before the Fast Batch athletes caught you. Last year a Slow Batch team, against the odds, made it all the way to the finished without being caught – albeit not first in overall time because of their headstart.

This year there has been a change in the rules. Slow Batch athletes are not allowed to start the Oudekraal swim before either Medium or Fast Batches have caught them. The reverse order start has an important safety aspect behind it – to keep the field together for our water safety teams to effectively manage the course. This is a safety call and will be enforced.

This year the Medium Batch has filled up first and has 5 team entry slots left. Slow Batch and *Fast Batch still have allocations.

*Teams wanting to finish on the podium are required to start in Fast Batch.