2024 Torpedo Cape Town Information Chart

Apr / 2024

Use this information chart to select which Torpedo Cape Town race is right for you.

Saturday 30 November 2024
(Bad weather backup day Sunday 1 December 2024)

EventWetsuitTeamsRace Total DistanceNumber of swimsLongest swimTotal swim distanceNumber of runsLongest  runTotal run distanceCost Per PersonCost Per Person u23 Early Entry MerchAll Entrants Merch
CAPEYesTeam 216km61.3km4km64.3km12km24501225*Yes**Yes
SKINSNoTeam 216km61.3km4km64.3km12km24501225*Yes**Yes
*excl merch**ends 31 Aug

Event Information:
Entries Are Open:

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