Cosi Bay to Clifton

7km SwimRun
Blue Grade
Individual Event

November 2022


Torpedo SwimRun: Cosy

An experience at the foot of the 7th Natural Wonder of the World.

Event features:

  • Premium bus to startline at Tidal Beach (closer to Bakoven)
  • Full water and land safety
  • Follow the second half of Africa’s 1st SwimRun across world-famous sites – Bakoven, Camps Bay and Clifton
  • A taster of a SwimRun bucket list experience
  • An introductory blue grade race in the Torpedo SwimRun African Series
  • Atlantic freezing cold waters - #wildlycool only for the brave
  • Finishline at Clifton 4th Beach

Required to enter:

  • Individual
  • Competent athlete with experience in cold ocean water
  • Compulsory Gear: Wetsuit (short arms and legs permitted) + Running Shoes + Whistle (bring your own)
  • All entrants are required to complete and pass an online Ocean test prior to racing. The test covers safety elements, emergency protocol and race rules. The questionnaire is by Christina Geromont who completed a thesis on SwimRun, and her paper "Swimrun race, athletes, safety and performance: A brief review" can be found here.

Age limit:

  • 14 (additional requirements for 14 - 18yr)

Swim and run distances:

  • 3x Runs – Total = ±5.5km
  • 3x Swims – Total = ±1.1km
  • Total Combined = ±6,6km

Torpedo gear provided:

  • Torpedo swim cap
  • Torpedo race vest (to be returned)
  • Mobii timing chip (to be returned)
  • Emergency number wrist band

Energy point on the route:

  • Bootlegger: Energy Point – Bootlegger coffee shop Bakoven (Victoria Drive)
  • Spar Hout Bay: Finish Line Food – at Clifton 4th

Event cost:

  • R800 per person
  • Full refund if covid cancellation (option to carry forward)
  • Limited entries

Optional extra gear permitted:

  • Swimming hand paddles
  • SwimRun pull buoy
  • Team pull rope
  • Swim goggles
  • Fins (15cm permitted)
  • Extra Cap (for the cold water and to hold your goggles in place)

Pre-event and Race Day Schedule

Registration - Friday 22 April 2022
16H00 – 19H00 | Venue - Bootlegger, GreenPoint

Saturday 23 April 2022 - Social Warm-Up Swim
10H00 | Venue - Clifton 4th

Sunday 24 April 2022 - Race Day
For all details, times and essential race day information click on the checklist below >

Race Day Checklist

Swim and run segment details:

There are seven sections of swimming and running along this iconic coastline. From white-sand beaches, to freezing Atlantic sea, a shipwreck, the granite boulder fields, kelp forests, and Maidens Cove beneath the 12 Apostle mountains – it’s the #wildlycool Torpedo Cosi.

#1: RUN



Tidal Beach
Beta Beach

#2: SWIM



Beta Beach
Bakoven Beach

#3: RUN

Tidal Pool


Bakoven Beach
Camps Bay Beach

#4: SWIM

Camps Bay


Camps Bay Beach
Camps Bay Beach

#5: RUN

Maidens Cove


Camps Bay Beach
Clifton Back Line Rocks

#6: SWIM



Clifton Back Line Rocks
Clifton 4th Beach