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Jan / 2022

Torpedo Cosi is the first blue grade #swimrun in Cape Town. If you’re wondering what that means…and what SwimRun is 😵‍💫 – then these FAQs are for you.

Where did SwimRun start?

Originating in Sweden with a crazy bet, the first race Otillo (island to island) was held in 2006. Now raced as the World Champs, it has a tough route; 23 swims totalling 9.5km and 24 runs totalling 65km = 74km.

Origins in South Africa?

In 2016 a team of 6 first tested a route across Cape Towns’ beaches. The first race, Torpedo Cape was on 15 January 2017. The route had 6 swims totalling 3km and 6 runs totalling 13km = 16km. The swims were daring, with the Capes’ formidable reputation with cold water and challenging surf. With no cancellations or missed swims in the first 5 years, we are seeing the routes resilience in varying weather and ocean conditions.

Growth of a Sport!

SwimRun has spread across the globe as a new sport and now features hundreds of races in multiple countries. In South Africa, Torpedo has hosted SwimRun races in 7 venues across the country.

Grading of Torpedo races.

Torpedo Black graded races are team events with tough and extraordinary routes against the best of nature. Torpedo Blue graded events are solo races with short and fun routes allowing new athletes to experience SwimRun. Torpedo HC (beyond category) are limited to selected athletes who race without wetsuits.

What Torpedo races are coming up?

4 races on 24 April 2022. CAPE is the original 16 Cape Town route. SKINS on the same 16km route, without wetsuits. Torpedo OPS longer 20km route, with boat start. COSI starts halfway, 8km with no long swims.

What are the race grades?

Black: OPS + CAPE
Blue: COSI

Do you need a teammate?

Torpedo OPS + CAPE + SKINS are team events and you have to stay within 10m. Torpedo COSI is individual.

Can you alternate between a swimmer and a runner?

No, you complete the full race including all swims and runs.

Who moves your shoes when you swim?

SwimRun has no transitions, you swim in your shoes and run in your wetsuit.

Are you allowed swim aids?

Yes, fins (shorter than 15cm), swimming hand paddles and pool buoys.

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