Torpedo SwimRun Cape

Torpedo Cape Drumbeat Experience By Outsurance

Sunday 28 March ’21

Tour the Iconic Cape

06H00: Park at Bakoven Bootlegger road parking. Gear up.
06H30: Shuttle departs to Hout Bay Harbour.
07H30: Safety brief, board the boats at Hout Bay Harbour slipway
07H30 – 12H30: Play, swim, run | Hout Bay to Bakoven Bootlegger

All-in Experience Cost per person

Torpedo Experience is a non-timed, social morning out. The group travels together, at the pace of the slowest. (Fast swimmers are welcome to swim ahead and wait at the end of each segment)


The route is approximately 16km from the BOS400 shipwreck to Bakoven Bootlegger. Shuttles will depart Bakoven to transport athletes to Hout Bay, where we will board boats to transport us around the Sentinal, and along the rarely seen Karbonkelberg poachers coastline.

The SwimRun starts with a first thrilling swim across Moari Bay. Under the towering Karbonkelberg cliffs, the swim takes you from the wreck of the BOS400 to the Oudeschip Peninsula and the Harvest Capella shipwreck. A trail run then traverses from Duiker Point to Sandy Bay beach. The remainder of the route will follow the Torpedo Cape race route, ending early at Bakoven.

The day will be an experience and not raced. We will be fully supported by safety boats in the water and vehicles on land. We will traverse land and sea at a leisurely pace and at any point in the experience you can sit-out a segment in the support boats and vehicles.

What to bring

(Swim)Running Shoes
Nutrition (bottle & snacks) to be left in the boat.
Torpedo SwimBib*

All items marked with an asterisk are provided by Torpedo*

Goggles (highly recommended)
Hand Paddles
Swim Pool Buoy (watch this)
Neoprene surf hoodie (or spare swim cap – to help with the ice cream headache


– Safety is our primary concern.
– Torpedo will have boats in the water.
– All athletes will be paired up with a safety buddy.
– The Experience will travel through the course together – at the pace of the slowest, regrouping before and after each swim.
– The boats will follow the last athletes in the water. If you’re not feeling comfortable, ask to be helped into the boat.
– All swim and run segments are optional. If you are not feeling up for anything, sit out the segment in the boat.
– No diving into the water allowed – always enter feet first.
– Use your whistle* to call for assistance.
– If water conditions are a concern the lifesaving personal have the final call to cancel any swim segments.

Please note: Bad Weather Risk
The conditions required for this experience are critical. Given bad weather, we will reschedule. If you’re unable to make the rescheduled date, we will give you 1 full credit for a future Torpedo Tour.

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