A. Terms and Conditions

Torpedo SwimRun Refund and Event Cancellation Policy

The nature of SwimRun involving multiple entries and exits along coastlines and inland waterways puts the event at risk of weather adversely affecting the planned route – these terms and conditions apply:

Refunds and Cancellation 

Torpedo incurs operational and logistical expense in advance of the event, thus placing a limit on participant refunds. In addition, even if we have teams on the waiting list, many decline the invite if they are informed within a few months of the event.

  1. Full payment is required on entry
  2. Refunds will only apply if these entries can be substituted from the Waiting List. Please note that these possible refunds will only be made after completion of the event. 
    1. 85% of entry fee paid will be refunded if an entry is canceled in writing on or before 4 months prior to start day
    2. 65% of entry fee paid will be refunded if an entry is canceled in writing on or before 2 months prior to start day
    3. No refunds are allowed less than 2 months prior to start day.

Full Team Substitutions

  1. Torpedo does not permit Teams to substitute their entries
  2. Team entries will have to be returned to Torpedo and refunded according to the refund policy
  3. Returned Team entries will then be made available to Teams on the waiting list

Partner Substitutions

Partner substitutions are allowed up until race registration at a cost of R250 per athlete change.

Cancellation of the Event

In the event of adverse weather that puts the athletes at risk, the organisers may decide to alter both swim and run segments of the course to a safer alternative or cancel the event entirely. This decision will not be made lightly and will only be made in the interest of participant safety. In the event of event cancellation, no refunds will be possible.

B. Race Rules


Torpedo SwimRun Pty Ltd, 13 Alfred Road, Newlands, Cape Town, 8000 South Africa

Email: register@torpedoswimrun.com

Entry Pre-requisite

To be able to participate in Torpedo SwimRun you have to race in a team consisting of two persons that are at least 18 years old and capable swimmers.

Specific to Torpedo Val de Vie:

  1. Torepdo Val de Vie is an individual race.
  2. The minimum entry age for Torpedo Val de Vie is 14 years old on race day.
  3. Entry requirements for athletes aged 14 to 18:
    1. A guardian is required to co-sign the indemnity form. And 1 of the following 2 apply:
      1. A guardian is required to email register@torpedoswimrun.com with a short CV detailing proficiency for the minor. We’re specifically looking for swimming experience in open water and running capability to handle a course with 8km of running and 2km of swimming.
      2. OR Confirmation that the guardian will complete the race TOGETHER with the minor.

Race Course

  • Athletes must follow the race course.
  • Athletes that do not follow course will be disqualified.
  • Athletes are to adhere to the rules of the road and always run within the yellow line on the road running sections.
  • Checkpoints
    • There will be a number of checkpoints throughout the course.
    • There may be additional unannounced checkpoints along course.
    • Teams failing to pass a checkpoint will be disqualified.
  • Weather conditions
    • In case of adverse weather such as high winds or poor visibility or in the case of another unexpected situation, the race organization has the right to shorten or cancel the race.


  • General about Equipment
    • All teams must start and finish with the same equipment.
    • Teams picking-up or dropping-off equipment will be disqualified.
    • There will be a mandatory gear check before the start.
  • Mandatory equipment
    • The following equipment must be carried throughout the race by each athlete:
      • Whistle
      • Wetsuit (Cape Town)
      • Swim Cap
      • Race Bib
  • Recommended equipment
    • Swimming hand paddles
    • SwimRun pool bouys
  • Equipment that is not allowed
    • Floatation larger than 100 cm x 60 cm.
    • Any motorised equipment.
    • Swim fins are NOT allowed if the fin is longer than 15 cm. Measurement is from the toe to the end of the fin.
  • The team’s time is from the start gun until the last of the team members have passed the finish line.
  • Cutoffs
    • Teams must pass cut-off point(s) with a certain time frame. Cut off times will be presented at race briefing. Teams that do not make it to the specified cut-off point(s) in time will be taken off the race or directed to follow a shorter course.

Racers Responsibility

  • General
    • The athletes must know and follow the rules.
    • The athletes shall respect other athletes, organization, spectators, tourists, the environment and local residents.
    • The athletes are not allowed to use unfair methods to get advantages.
    • Doping is forbidden – the SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport will be contacted with any infringement.
    • The athletes are obliged to help all other participants in case of emergency.
  • Before the race
    • The athletes can train and scout the course prior to the race but have to respect the residents and landowners in the area and pay all relevant SAN Parks entrance fees.
  • During the race
    • The athletes are participating at their own risk and cannot hold the organization responsible for any accident during the race.
    • Teams are obliged to assist other teams that have been injured or sick.
    • A team that has abandoned the race shall report their withdrawal to the organization.
    • If, for any reason, an athlete needs to abandon race, the other team member must also withdraw.
    • Litter can only be left at the designated water points. We will have zero tolerance towards littering and an offence will lead to disqualification.


  • Race jury
    • Race jury compromises 4 persons from the race organisation.
      • The race jury responsibility:
        • Enforce the rules
        • Decide the outcome of protests
        • Decide about disqualification
        • Decide about course changes and changes in the rules
  • Two or more members of the jury are required for a decision.
    • The race jury has the right to use “common sense” to resolve a decision if it is not clear in the rules
    • The decision of the race jury is definitive.
  • Protests
    • A protest must be given in writing to the race organization within an hour after finishing the race.
      • A protest must include:
        • Time and location
        • Team number and signatures of the team members
        • Team number/name whom the protest is against
        • The reason for the protest
        • If possible, include witness with a name or team number
      • A protest not meeting criteria of point will be dismissed.
  • Disqualifications
    • Breaking the rules will lead to disqualification.
  • External assistance
    • Outside assistance is not allowed. Each team has to get from start to finish unsupported.


  • General safety rules
    • The two members of each team have to stay together at all times and can not be more than 20 meters apart on land and not more than 10 metres during swimming.
    • The athletes shall never move further away than 10 m from the trail.
  • The race organisation & the medic team can refuse a team to continue if they:
    • are not equipped with above specified compulsory equipment.
    • judge them not capable caused by fatigue or being in bad physical condition.
  • Athletes must enter water feet first. Diving into water is not allowed.

Media and Sponsor Exposure

  • Sponsor markings
    • The teams are allowed to have sponsors marked on their race gear.
  • Race swim caps
    • The race swim caps cannot be modified in any way and must be worn and visible on all swims.
  • Race Bibs
    • The race bibs cannot be modified in any way and must be worn all the time
  • Pictures and film free rights
    • The athletes give the race organisation the right to use pictures and film material taken during the race to be used free of rights in marketing, press material, internet, television and movie.

Accepting the Rules

By entering the race each team member accepts the rules in full.

C. Indemnity