Highlight on Mixed Category

May / 2023

Torpedo SwimRun Cape Highlights Mixed Category for 2023 Cape Town Event.

[Cape Town, South Africa] – Torpedo SwimRun Cape, the dynamic endurance race is excited to announce an innovative change in the racing structure for the upcoming 2023 edition. Passionate about the racing experience, Torpedo SwimRun Cape Town will focus on the mixed category, where teams consist of one man and one woman.

Embracing Uniqueness: Torpedo SwimRun Cape Town thrives on being unconventional. This freedom allows us to explore opportunities that enhance the racing experience and amplify the excitement for participants and spectators alike.

Intensifying Competition: Focusing on a single category sharpens the racing atmosphere, bringing together the immense talent of both men and women competing together in a team dynamic.

Attracting Elite Athletes: Torpedo SwimRun Cape Town has consistently attracted top athletes from various sporting disciplines, including triathletes, lifesavers, trail runners, swimmers, and multi-sport athletes. By highlighting the mixed category, we aim to continue attracting the pinnacle of talent, solidifying the race as a premier event on the calendar.

Celebrating Achievements: We have witnessed women’s winners and mixed teams securing the overall top spot over our history. We celebrate this trend and shine the spotlight on these achievements.

Unleashing Team Strategy and Dynamics: SwimRun is centred on teamwork, where partners support and collaborate, transcending the boundaries of individual achievement. Racing in the mixed category adds an exciting dimension to this dynamic, fostering team strategy and showcasing the complete athleticism required to race in the ocean.

A Battle for Podium Positions: With the focus on the mixed category, teams will compete for podium positions from 1st to 10th place. This battle will feature the best male and female athletes from every sporting discipline across the country, vying for top honours.

Torpedo SwimRun Cape Town 2023 promises to be a showcase of talent and determination.

Event Information

Registration for the 2023 Torpedo SwimRun Cape Town event opens on Thursday 25 May. Race day is on Saturday 18 November 2023. To learn more about the event and register a team, please visit or contact

Race Category and Starts

Participants can enter the Torpedo SwimRun Cape Town in Men, Women, or Mixed categories. However, it is important to note that podium prizes will be awarded to athletes competing in the Ultimate Mixed category.

Torpedo starts in reverse order to keep the field condensed. This works well, both from a safety (our lifesavers cover a smaller area) and an athlete enjoyment perspective (it’s a vibe on course with others).  

The batch starts are structured as follows:

  1. Slow
  2. Medium
  3. Fast
  4. Racing: Ultimate Mixed

About Torpedo: Torpedo SwimRun Cape Town is an endurance event that takes place in Cape Town, South Africa. Participants alternate between swimming in the ocean and running on land, with multiple transitions between the two.

The race consists of a challenging course through some of the most beautiful and rugged terrain in Cape Town. The route involves swimming across beaches and bays and running along the coastline, including sections of steep rocky climbs, sandy beaches, and rugged trails.

The event is open to individuals and teams, with different categories based on distances and difficulty. Participants are required to carry all their own equipment throughout the race, including wetsuits, swim caps, goggles, and running shoes.

Torpedo SwimRun Cape Town is known for its stunning scenery and challenging terrain, and it attracts participants from all over the world who are seeking a unique and exciting endurance experience.

Choose Your Race:

🟡 Cape (Africa’s 1st SwimRun | 16km | team of 2)

⚫️ Ops (Boat start & wilder | 20km | team of 2)

🔵 Skins (No wetsuits & hardcore | 16km | team of 2)

🟢 Cosy (More fun & all smiles | 7km | individual)