JP Burger

The under-cooked favourite

2 athletes have dominated the short history of Torpedo Cape. Could 2018 be the year that we see a changing of the guard?

@jpburger1 and @michaellordtri have only known the top step of the podium, but by JP’s own admission, he’s done with racing for 2018.

He will, however, be putting on his game face once more and be giving Cape a full-out assault. They’re experienced, super fast and talented athletes and will be driven by the temptation to keep their dominance of SwimRun intact.

It’s anyone’s guess the form that JP will have next Sunday. My guess, this is not a team to underestimate.


What is Torpedo SwimRun and who are the #pioneers
Originating in Sweden, this new sport ditches triathlon’s flashy gear for off-road and open-water adventure. Raced along coastal and inland waterways, the route is designed around the natural environment with distances varying from race to race. With multiple swim and run segments and athletes racing self-sufficiently – they swim and run in the same gear – it’s the wildest sport going.
Growing rapidly in popularity, there are now 450 races around the globe. Torpedo launched the first SwimRun in Cape Town in 2017, with a national Series rolling out from 2018.

The #pioneers are top athletes from other sporting disciplines that are leading the charge in this new sport