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Reserved Team Entry

Entry includes:

» Reserved Torpedo SwimRun Cape entry

» SwimRun training sessions*

*details to be communicated

Quick Event Info

Date: Sunday 18th November 2018

Teams of 2: Teams must start and finish together and cannot be separated by more than 10m

Route: 16km: 3km swim (6 segments) + 13km run (6 segments). Sandy Bay to Clifton 4, Cape Town, South Africa

Compulsory Kit: Wetsuit (short arms and legs permitted) + Running Shoes + Whistle + Swimming Cap + Torpedo Race Bib

Optional Kit: Swimming Hand paddles + SwimRun Pull Bouy + Team Pull Rope + Goggles

Athlete Proficiency

The swim segments are in the ocean. You need to be an experienced swimmer and competent in waves, currents and rough seas.

Terms and Conditions