Race Week Information


Torpedo HQ
register@torpedoswimrun.com | +27.83 258 3736

Registration - Thursday, 16 November


12H00 Digital race briefing sent via email
16H00 – 19H00 Registration Mojo Market, 30 Regent Road, Sea Point
18H30 Jacket size swop between athletes
18H30 - late Enjoy live music, drinks and dinner at Mojo
Pre-Race Dress Rehearsal - Friday, 17 November


07H00 - 08H00 Clifton 4th social warm-up swim and kit tester with Nicolas Remires

*Nicolas (Envol SwimRun) is a multiple podium finisher at Otillo SwimRun World Championships and will be giving a talk on SwimRun kit.

Torpedo Cape Town - Saturday, 18 November

Bad weather backup day Sunday 19 November


05H00 Check-in at Clifton 4 parking
05H30 Shuttle departs Clifton 4 parking
06H15 Boat departs Hout Bay Harbour
06H45 Water start at BOS400 wreck
05H50 Check-in at Clifton 4 parking
06H20 Shuttle departs Clifton 4 parking
Race starts Sandy Bay Parking, Eustegia Way, Kronenzicht, Hout Bay
No slow batch athletes to pass through Oudekraal prior to medium/fast catching them
06H00 Check-in at Clifton 4 parking
06H30 Shuttle departs Clifton 4 parking
Race starts Sandy Bay Parking, Eustegia Way, Kronenzicht, Hout Bay
06H10 Check-in at Clifton 4 parking
06H40 Shuttle Departs Clifton 4 parking
Race starts Sandy Bay Parking, Eustegia Way, Kronenzicht, Hout Bay
08H00 Check-in at Clifton 4 parking
08H30 Shuttle departs Clifton 4 parking
09H00 Race starts at Tidal Beach (between Cosy Bay and Bakoven)

Race Morning Information 

Race Check-In and Shuttle Depart
It is compulsory for all athletes to go to the safety check-in and shuttle depart at Clifton 4th. 
No private or direct drop offs are allowed at the race start at Sandy Bay Parking, Eustegia Way, Kronenzicht, Hout Bay.
Arrive 30 minutes before your shuttle depart.
You will be required to show your compulsory equipment and have your race number written on your hand. 
Be ready in your full SwimRun kit for the safety check and thereafter to board the shuttles. 


Municipal toilets are available at the shuttle check-in at Clifton 4.
Very limited toilets are available at the shuttle drop off at the start line. 
It's always best to use the toilet at home before coming to the race.

Compulsory and Complimentary Shuttles to the Start
Shuttles will depart from the road parking at Clifton 4th Beach. 
Please park in available public parking.

Key Drop
There will be a key drop available at the shuttle check-in.
Keys will be on Clifton 4th beach for collection post race.

Littering is an immediate DQ. The last chance to dispose of litter is in the shuttle to the start.


  • General about Equipment
    • All teams must start and finish with the same equipment.
    • Teams picking-up or dropping-off equipment will be disqualified.
    • There will be a mandatory gear check before the start.
  • Mandatory equipment
    • The following equipment must be carried throughout the race by each athlete:
      • Provided 
        • Swim Cap
        • Race Bib
        • Timing band
      • Bring your own
        • Whistle
        • Wetsuit
        • Shoes
  • Recommended equipment
    • Goggles
    • Swimming hand paddles
    • SwimRun pull bouy
    • Extra swim cap or hoodie (helps with the cold)
    • Suntan lotion
    • Squirt anti-chafe lube
  • Equipment that is not allowed
    • Floatation larger than 100 cm x 60 cm.
    • Any motorised equipment.
    • Swim fins are NOT allowed if the fin is longer than 15 cm. Measurement is from the toe to the end of the fin.


  • Torpedo is not raced in a controlled environment. You are responsible for your own safety. Never start a swim that you are not 100% you can finish. Be in control and know your limits.
  • General safety rules
    • The two members of each team have to stay together at all times and can not be more than 20 meters apart on land and not more than 10 meters during swimming.
    • The athletes shall never move further away than 10 m from the trail.
  • The race organisation & the medic team can refuse a team to continue if they:
    • are not equipped with above specified compulsory equipment.
    • judge them not capable caused by fatigue or being in bad physical condition.
  • Athletes must enter water feet first. Diving into water is not allowed.

Cut-off Times



10H00 Oudekraal Swim Start
12H00 Finish Line Clifton 4

If you cannot complete the course, it is compulsory to notify a race official that you are withdrawing. Our crew will assist with your transport back to Clifton 4th.

Llandudno Penalty Box

Llandudno is the only swim with an optional run around. The beach can have big waves and strong currents. Should you choose to run around, follow the footpath onto the beach. Once at the exit flag, a Torpedo crew member will hold you for 15 minutes, thereafter you can continue. Both teammates have to stay together. i.e. one cannot choose to run and the other swim. 

Prize Giving

Prize giving will be at 11H00 at the finish at Clifton 4th.

2023 product prizes will be awarded to:

CAPE Mixed Teams: 1st to 10th 
COSY Women: 1st to 3rd
COSY Men: 1st to 3rd

Additional podium finishers called up for photographs:

CAPE Men Teams: 1st to 3rd
CAPE Women Teams: 1st to 3rd 
All SKINS and OPS finishers


Timing pods (both team members required to tap) will be located at:

Shuttle check-in
Oudekraal Swim entry
Cosy Bay swim exit
Finish line