Torpedo Cape, but tougher. Oh no. Oh yes! Torpedo SKINS

Jan / 2022

Over 16km of swimming and running, 12 transitions in and out of the Atlantic will have up to a 20 degree Celsius temperature difference. Without the use of a wetsuit to shield the temperature shock, this sudden change in environmental conditions imposes high physiological stress on the body resulting in a low probability of finishing.

And interestingly, it’s not the swim segments that pose the greatest challenge. It’s after exiting the freezing Atlantic and starting the runs, with the blood back to your cold extremities, that requires extensive body training and conditioning. 

This is a proper challenge for highly experienced cold water athletes. SKINS will be nothing short of brutal and the entry process first requires submission of a cold water CV. Our water safety team will only allow athletes with relevant experience and qualifications to the start line. If you have what it takes – here are your next steps:

✅Submit your (and your partners) cold water CV at Detail all races, swims and specific ocean non-wetsuit cold water experience.

Race details: 

🗓 Sunday 24 April
🗺 Cape Town, South Africa
👉 Detailed route:
⚠️ Team of 2 equally competent athletes start and finish together and cannot be separated by more than 10m. 
🚨No wetsuits. 
🧩Same route as Torpedo Cape. Skins will have a separate start batch. 

🚀 This is Torpedo’s first HC* category race. 
*The old story goes that climbs were classified by which gear a Citroen needed to get up. 

So what then is HC (Hors / beyond classification)? Cycling lore is that the Citroen needed reverse to get up. A steep torturous climb and as hard as it gets.