Torpedo Skins Applications – 2 Approval Types

Feb / 2022

A newly introduced category in 2022 that has brought much excitement and nerves. Torpedo Skins will see athletes, racing without the aid of a wetsuit, taking on the same Cape Town 16km route from Sandy Bay to Clifton.

The entry is strictly restricted to qualifying athletes. Applications are open and the first athletes have been approved to enter.

Submit your (and your partners) cold water CV. Detail all races swim and specific ocean non-wetsuit cold water experience:

If approved, you will be sent an entry link.

Additional Information
1. Athletes will receive 2 approval types. Unlimited or 12degrees+. On race morning, if the temperature is below 12 degrees, athletes with 12degrees+ approvals will be required to wear a wetsuit.

2. Skins athletes can apply and race with partners in wetsuits.

3. If the water is below 12 degrees, it’s going to be a very challenging course. Although the athletes that have applied have vast cold water experience, the challenge with alternating runs in-between the swims will stress the body in a way that is unique to SwimRun. We urge you to simulate the runs and swims before event day.

4. We will have a dedicated Skins boat in the water – notably midway through the long Oudekraal swim to check-up on the Skins swimmers.

5. Our medics on land will also be stationed along the route to provide a check and assistance to you. More on their positions and your race protocol closer to the event.

6. Partners might have different ratings. If the water is below 12 degrees, some teams will be racing Skins + Wetsuit.

7. As experienced athletes, we require that you are level headed about the challenge, and if the water temperature is below what you are comfortable with, opt to race in a wetsuit.

8. We’ll have a bag at the start line that you can put jackets/pants into before you start. We’ll have this bag at the finish line waiting for you. On the busses to the start you can wear these clothes and take them off before you start.