Why Do We Now Embrace The Cold?

May / 2023

For years, we hesitated to mention the chilly waters of Torpedo Cape Town, assuming it might discourage participants from embracing the challenge. It’s now time to celebrate the cold and this unique aspect of the race.

Cold is good. The global phenomenon of cold water immersion has taken the world by storm, with people recognizing the remarkable health benefits, mental resilience, and sheer enjoyment that comes from embracing the cold.

No hiding. Let’s face it: the Atlantic waters are cold. Rather than shying away, we choose to embrace this natural characteristic of the race. We proudly own the challenge.

The challenge. While the race distance may not be the longest at 16km, crossing the finish line at Clifton Beach fills participants with a sense of accomplishment. The cold Atlantic water stands as a central part of this.

It’s possible! Our newly introduced Skins category has sparked a mindset shift. As athletes take on the race without wetsuits, it demonstrates that completing it with a wetsuit is achievable.

Not gloomy. In sunny Cape Town, the juxtaposition of the crystal clear cold water against the backdrop of blue skies and breathtaking views create a captivating race stadium.

Torpedo offers the perfect opportunity to conquer the cold, push your boundaries, and forge unforgettable memories.