Torpedo SwimRun Wild

Wilderness trails connect two black rivers, and feature:

  • A highly technical swamble* down the Kaaimans
  • The 36m high train bridge crossing of the tidal estuary
  • National parks run on the Kingfisher trail through Fairy Knowe
  • Double header of the longest run onto the longest swim at Island Lake
  • A final swim up the Serpentine River
  • Rest and relax at the Ebb-and-Flow riverside camp

*A rugged combination of swim and scramble

Friday 14 September

3 Runs – 5km

4 Swims – 1km

Total – 6km

Saturday 15 September

Race day:
5 Runs – 17km

4 Swims – 4km
1 Swamble – 5km

Total – 26km


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TSR Wild Route Flyover

TSR Wild Snapshot

Quick Event Details

Teams: Teams of 2 must start and finish together and cannot be separated by more than 10m

Compulsory Kit provided by Athlete*: WETSUIT** + Running Shoes + Helmets (Kaaimans)

Compulsory Kit provided by Torpedo: Whistle + Swimming Cap + Torpedo Race Bib

Optional Kit: Swimming Hand paddles + SwimRun Pull Buoy + Team Pull Rope + Goggles

Athlete Proficiency: You need to be competent in open water swimming up to 2km

*Helmets are compulsory from Start to Drop Point (Wilderness Beach). Other than the helmet drop, no changing of kit is allowed.

** Update from the Kaaimans (10 September 2018) is that the water temperature is 10 degrees Celsius. After consulting with our safety team, a decision has been made that wetsuits will be compulsory on Saturday race day. With snowmelt continuing this week and the gorge mostly out of sunlight, the forecast is for the cold temperatures to persist for the week ahead.

We want the Wild to be challenging, but not extreme. This decision will mean a more comfortable and enjoyable race for you.

At Friday’s prologue, the decision remains yours and you are able to race without a wetsuit. The prologue swim is in the warmer Touws river.

Saturday race day will be wetsuit compulsory:

  • Wetsuits from start to finish
  • Helmets from start to helmet drop point, Wilderness beach.

Quick Package Details

Ebb-and-Flow Campsite: entry includes the campsite and Sanpark participant fees. Please bring your own camping equipment

Shuttle: entry includes the race morning shuttle to Nelson Mandela University

The Good Stuff: entry includes Prologue evening lamb on the spit, race morning coffee and finish line beer

Team Entry Fee


(R2,000 per person)

TSR Wild Terrain

Segment details

An extraordinary journey through forest, black water ravine and trail

Run 1 7 Passes Run Nelson Mandela University Kaaimans Bridge 3,800m
Swamble Kaaimans Swamble Kaaimans Bridge N2 Bridge 4,800m
Run 2 Train Bridge Run N2 Bridge Touws River Mouth 4,000m
Swim 1 Touws Swim Touws River Mouth Serendipity 1,600m
Run 3 Kingfisher Run Serendipity Fairy Knowe 1,300m
Swim 2 Knowe Swim Fairy Knowe Touws Slipway 400m
Run 4 Serpentine Run Touws Slipway Yacht Club 4,300m
Swim 3 Island Swim Yacht Club Island Lake 1,200m
Run 5 Hoekwil Run Island Lake Confluence 4,000m
Swim 4 Ebb & Flow Swim Confluence Torpedo Finish 300m

TSR Wild Schedule

Friday 14th September 2018

Venue: Ebb-and-Flow, Wilderness

 Athletes arrive and set-up camp at Ebb-and-Flow | 12H00 onwards

 Registration | 14H00 – 16H30

Evening Prologue Start Window | 16H00 – 16H30

Evening Prologue Cut-Off | 18H30

 Spit Braai + Beers + Festivities | 17H00 – 22H00

Saturday 15th September 2018

Start Venue: Nelson Mandela University
Finish Venue: Ebb-and-Flow, Wilderness

Shuttles depart from Ebb & Flow | 06H30

Race Start at the Nelson Mandela University | 07H30

 First Athletes Expected | 10H30

 Last Athletes Expected | 16H00

 Prize Giving + Beers + Festivities | 19H00

Torpedo SwimRun Wilderness


Limited 2nd Wave Entries Open

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