Torpedo SwimRun Wild

Wilderness trails connect two black rivers, and feature:

  • A highly technical swamble* down the Kaaimans
  • The 36m high train bridge crossing of the tidal estuary
  • National parks run on the Kingfisher trail through Fairy Knowe
  • Double header of the longest run onto the longest swim at Island Lake
  • A final swim up the Serpentine River
  • Rest and relax at the Ebb-and-Flow riverside camp

*A rugged combination of swim and scramble

Friday 13 September

3 Runs – 5km

4 Swims – 1km

Total – 6km

Saturday 14 September

Race day:
5 Runs – 17km

4 Swims – 4km
1 Swamble – 5km

Total – 26km


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TSR Wild Route Flyover

TSR Wild Snapshot

Quick Event Details

Teams: Teams of 2 must start and finish together and cannot be separated by more than 10m

Compulsory Kit provided by Athlete: Running Shoes + Helmets* (Kaaimans)

Compulsory Kit provided by Torpedo: Whistle + Swimming Cap + Torpedo Race Bib

Optional Kit: Wetsuit** + Swimming Hand paddles + SwimRun Pull Buoy + Team Pull Rope + Goggles

Athlete Proficiency: You need to be competent in open water swimming up to 2km

*Helmets are compulsory from Start to Drop Point (Wilderness Beach). Other than the helmet drop, no changing of kit is allowed.

**Wetsuits will be made compulsory if race week experiences cold weather / snowmelt.

Quick Package Details

Ebb-and-Flow Campsite: entry includes the campsite and Sanpark participant fees. Please bring your own camping equipment

Shuttle: entry includes the race morning shuttle to Nelson Mandela University

The Good Stuff: entry includes Prologue evening lamb on the spit, race morning coffee and finish line beer

Entry Fee

R2,000 per person

Only teams of 2 allowed

TSR Wild Terrain

Segment details

An extraordinary journey through forest, black water ravine and trail

Run 1 7 Passes Run Nelson Mandela University Kaaimans Bridge 3,800m
Swamble Kaaimans Swamble Kaaimans Bridge N2 Bridge 4,800m
Run 2 Train Bridge Run N2 Bridge Touws River Mouth 4,000m
Swim 1 Touws Swim Touws River Mouth Serendipity 1,600m
Run 3 Kingfisher Run Serendipity Fairy Knowe 1,300m
Swim 2 Knowe Swim Fairy Knowe Touws Slipway 400m
Run 4 Serpentine Run Touws Slipway Yacht Club 4,300m
Swim 3 Island Swim Yacht Club Island Lake 1,200m
Run 5 Hoekwil Run Island Lake Confluence 4,000m
Swim 4 Ebb & Flow Swim Confluence Torpedo Finish 300m

TSR Wild Schedule

Friday 13th September 2019

Venue: Ebb-and-Flow, Wilderness

 Athletes arrive and set-up camp at Ebb-and-Flow | 12H00 onwards

 Registration | 14H00 – 16H30

Evening Prologue Start Window | 16H00 – 16H30

Evening Prologue Cut-Off | 18H30

 Spit Braai + Beers + Festivities | 17H00 – 22H00

Saturday 14th September 2019

Start Venue: Nelson Mandela University
Finish Venue: Ebb-and-Flow, Wilderness

Shuttles depart from Ebb & Flow | 06H30

Race Start at the Nelson Mandela University | 07H30

 First Athletes Expected | 10H30

 Last Athletes Expected | 16H00

 Prize Giving + Beers + Festivities | 19H00

Torpedo SwimRun Wilderness


Limited Entries Open

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